Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Who We Are  



IFES is a Foundation of the General Trade Union of Workers which, since 1986, has been offering solutions of various training needs of companies and workers as vocational training and long life learning.

IFES accomplishes a social purpose by giving
priority to human factor and offering skills and professional qualifications to
workers. Our tasks are following the same doctrines and values as the General
Trade Union of Workers.

       IFES main objectives are:

  • To offer solutions to ensure the updating of knowledge and the maintenance of professional competence of workers, and promote the employability of those unemployed.
  • To provide training for workers and companies in any sector, adapting the contents to the needs of different groups of workers.
  • To promote and carry out all kinds of studies and research on training, employment and qualifications, both at national and international level.
  • To participate in the social and cultural life of our country through the organization and/or sponsorship of activities such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, publications, etc., whose purpose is consistent with the fundamental objectives of IFES.
  • To help UGT help in the development of its educational activity and provide with this service its approach to workers and companies

IFES is one of the main vocational training
providers at national level, covering all the industrial sectors. 
Among the
services we provide, we deliver vocational training for many different target
groups within adult education. Since its foundation in 1986, IFES has carried
out more than 90.000 courses, promoted more than 10 million training hours and
gained the confidence of more than 1.300.000 students. We have our own
e-training platform with more than 100 different training courses. IFES is
certified in Quality System ISO 9001:2008.

IFES has a vast experience in European,
National, Regional and Local projects related to training and education.  Our vast experience in EU funded projects
includes participation in projects related to this proposal issues.

IFES is a member, and currently chairs, the
European Network «EURORESO», including 46 organizations from 28 different
European countries. This has a clear strategic value for dissemination of the
project and its results. 

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