Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Who We Are  

The Development Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Maramures
Foundation (CDIMM Maramures Foundation)
was established in the year 1994, as a non-profit, non-governmental,
non-political organization.

Our mission is to support the development of the private sector of small and medium sized enterprises and of other organizations at local, regional and international level.


Main activities of our organization:

  • Business consulting – assistance
    in different fields: start-up, management, marketing, financial analysis,
     consulting for the drawing up of the company business plan, consulting
    regarding the loan conditions in bank;
  • Training and
    seminars –
    seminars and training courses on
    different topics: legislation for SMEs, 
    development planning, management,
    marketing, market research, practical steps for entering onto a new market,
    business plan, accessing financing sources, business administration, IT for
    SMEs, industrial property, finance / loans;
  • Elaboration of business plans
    and feasibility studies
    – we elaborate documentation or we assist our clients in the preparing of documentation or investment programs.
  • International
    partnership through Europedirect Centre Maramures
    the main aim of Europe
    Direct is to provide European citizens with general information on the European
  • Industrial
    property protection
    – which is part of
    the Romanian patent information centres network 
    coordinated by OSIM (Romania
    State Office for Inventions and Trademarks)
  • Editing and
    publishing information materials
    CDIMM Maramures Foundation has an own publication, called “Jurnal CDIMM
    Maramures” which is published every month and has useful information for the
    business environment. Since 1999, the CDIMM Maramures Foundation has own
    publishing house.

For the implementation of the projects, we cooperate with different
national or international organizations located in Europe and USA, such as:

  1. Romania – Maramures County Council; Baia
    Mare Town Hall; North West Regional Development Agency; Chambers of Commerce
    and Industries; Carpathian Foundation Romania; Business Innovation and
    Incubation Association Harghita; Center for Business Excellence Bucharest; Cluj
    Napoca North University;
  2. Hungary – Local Enterprise Agency
    (Eger); EDFTC Szekszard;
  3. Germany – Chamber of Commerce Trier;
    Leibniz University Hannover; TRIMM Gruppe Gmbh (Ilmenau), GOPA Consultants
  4. Ukraine – Carpathian Foundation Ukraine;
    Association of Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk;
  5. USA – Technology Innovation Group, Inc. (Austin); Texas
  6. Greece – Prisma Center for Development
    Studies (Athens)

Also, we cooperate with public authorities (local and regional) to
develop different studies, like: 

Maramures County Action Plan for Innovation
(2011 – 2020); 

Maramures County Strategic Plan (2007 – 2013); contribution for
the development of the Regional                         Strategic Plan      (2007 – 2013 and 2014 – 2020). 

In 2014 we established, together with Maramures County Council and other public
and private institutions / organizations, the Consortium for Development and
Innovation of Maramures County.

Contact Information

        Official website: Official website:

          Contact person for the project:  Mr Radu Big