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1st EPAL of
Piraeus is located in Kaminia, a well-known neighborhood of Piraeus, a few
kilometers away from the biggest Greek port (Piraeus), quite close to Peace and
Friendship stadium and just across the Karaiskakis stadium (home stadium of
Olympiakos team). 

The building used to be the first textile school in Greece
created by the relative industry in order to educate the laborers the last one
needed. Later on the building was donated to Ministry of Education in order to
work as a vocational school.

Today three
vocational schools are housed in this building, that operate from 8:00 am to
11:00 pm. Almost 60 teachers work in 1st EPAL of Piraeus and almost 460
students aged between 15-19 attend the 8:00am-2:00pm school curriculum. 

departments of technical and vocational courses that operate are: 

  • Mechanical
    Engineers-Car Engineers-Air Conditioning-Heating-Refrigeration 
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Installation
  • Structure
  • Financing and Management
  • Tourism
  • Informatics and Networking
  • Food Technology 
  • Agricultural

There are well equipped laboratories which all of them are located in the
school building for every specialization. There the students practice and
deepen their understanding of new knowledge. 

The school mission is to cultivate
a suitable environment that will facilitate the creative activity, will educate
and prepare the next generation, in order to it satisfy the needs and the
challenges of our modern time.

Our school
collaborates with local companies, which some of them being  the biggest and most well known for  their products in Greece (Elais, ION, Opel Cars etc). Considering the above collaborations, there are visits of our students to those companies. In addition to this,
people from the companies also visit our school. They do meetings in order to inform and educate our students. We desire to enlarge the number of companies that our school colaborates with. 
We would also like to go on with new collaborations with other
companies, whose activities are different and new to us.

There are
also some other collaborations of our school with local institutions; 
such as social associations and athletic
clubs. Our school collaborates also with Tzaneio Hospital by making blood
donations and by making briefings on health issues. Besides this, our school
allocates a blood bank in the hospital. There are also some events regarding athletic and social subjects. At this point we have to mention that a number of interns
of the Olympiakos  FC  new football team are students of our

During the
last years 1st EPAL has increased its participation in European programs.
Through them it has improved its significance for the city of Piraeus, the
educational results that provides to the students and we has gained experience
in management programs.

  1. We have
    participated in Leonardo da Vinci program for the mobility of individuals – Initial
    Vocational Training (IVT), in collaboration with schools that provide
    professional education on this level from Italy and Holland. 
  2. We have
    participated in SHEEP program (a Schools’ panel for High Energy Efficient
    Products) with a team of professors and students. The above team has been
    distinguished with the 1st price in Greece and with the 3rd in Europe for its
  3. We have been also participants with Erasmus+ KA1 program by sending students to Italy and Portugal
    during the school   year of 2014-15. 
  4. We have also collaborated with 5 schools from Poland, Czech Republic,
    Spain, Romania and Turkey through the program      “E-Learning in school
    practice in modern secondary schools across Europe: Let us take up the
    challenge together” of Erasmus+ KA2, that it will last until 2016.

Every year we organise and participate in a number of activity programs which concern our physical environment, our health and our cultural inheritance. The
school has won the first award in nationwide school theatrical competition and
has succeeded discrimination in local levels.

In the past few years, our school organized several workgroups for
educational subjects and scientific presentations.

Contact Information

Official website:

Contact person for the project:  Παντούλης Διογένης