Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills




Knowledge GmbH is a young SME and innovator in education on several levels. The
company was founded in 2010 in Cologne, Germany, and has been working in close
cooperation with education institutions, such as universities and schools, in
order to develop new educational approaches. 

Its central focus is creating new generations of games in education, also known as ‘serious games’. Ingenious Knowledge believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education. The company is constantly exploring new ways of using modern technology to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun.

The staff
of Ingenious Knowledge consists of a combination of education specialists, game
designers, graphic designers and artists, and programmers. Combining technical
expertise with pedagogic expertise is a strength that sets the company apart
from most other companies in this field. The current staff size is 6.

Knowledge (IK) has been active in both adult education and education of
children, working in  various European
and national projects. In the last years it has made important developments in
creating a new generation of serious games in vocational education, creating
authentic learning situations that can be used individually or in blended
learning scenarios. An example would be the games “The Copy Job” and
“The Fair Project”. The serious games developed make use of highly
sophisticated learning analysis in order to adjust the situation and the
challenges to the learner. For this reason the company is also active in
turning the games into assessment tools that can analyze the way that learners
handle situations, challenges, and tasks.

The company
has recently started to develop concepts for new types of intelligent school
books that run on iPads and adjust to the needs of the learners. It is
currently preparing a test run for 2016 in the US and is in close contact with

field of innovation is the creation of complex simulation systems and next
generation e-learning environments, such as building role-based virtual
authentic environments to simulate entire process chains. The company currently
works with the University Paderborn and Deutsche Bank on an innovative solution
for training financial workers.

In a
cooperation with schools Ingenious Knowledge has been developing and exploring
new approaches to early entrepreneurship education for the last 4 years
which  also led to a European project.
The approach pioneered by IK and the University of Cologne focuses on fostering
the entrepreneurial mind at an early age by taking young learners through a
product development process of a computer game and letting them experience the
feeling of initiative and creation.

Ingenious Knowledge has started to become active in teacher training, offering
high quality dynamic courses that are highly interactive and supported by the
use of iPads, making it possible to spontaneously choose modules that go into
deeper details if they are relevant for the learners. This approach has been
pioneered in 2014 and has found its way into all courses that will be offered
starting in 2015. The current courses for teachers are: Violence Prevention in
School, Inclusion of Handicapped Learners in the Classroom, Internet Security
for Teachers, Media Competencies for Teachers, Game-Based Learning – A hands-on
approach for motivating learners, and Cyberbullying – How to recognize, combat,
and prevent cyberbullying in schools. The current course offers can be found at

Knowledge actively contributes to the scientific community by publishing
research and development results and by presenting recent developments at
scientific conferences, such as E-Learn and Mobile Learn.


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Contact person for the project:  Rasmus Pechuel