Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Who We Are

«Emphasys Centre» began operating in 1998, as a related company to «A & A
Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd» (due to common ownership), a successful
company specialising in consultancy, software and support services in the field
of ICT.  Since then, the “Empahsys
Centre” has continued to operate as an ICT Software Centre, but is has also
developed into a successful ICT Educational and Vocational Centre and a
European Research Centre, that cooperates closely with various organisations in
Europe for the implementation of EU projects.

«Emphasys Centre» is approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
as an Educational and Vocational Centre specialing in the field of ICT.

“Emphasys Centre” is authorized by the ECDL Foundation and the Council of
Europe Information Scientists (CEPIS) to offer speciliased training courses for
the acquisition of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), whereas its
staff is ECDL Certified Training Professionals. The Centre functions also as an
Examination Centre and is in close cooperation with the Cyprus Computer
Society, the organization is responsible for the managing of the ECDL
programme. Within the area of education and training the «Emphasys Centre» is
authorised by the British Council of Cyprus and the Cambridge International
Examination Board to teach GCE A’ Level Computing and organise various exams,
as an approved examination centre.

The Centre
has great experience in the development of training courses for the
professional development of educators across the sectors. It has cooperated
with the Cyprus Ministry of Education for the provision of in-service training
courses to all ICT secondary school teachers. It has also been involved in a
National Programme funded by the European Social Fund and coordinated by
Education for the provision of in-service training courses to all ICT secondary
school teachers. It has also been involved in a National Programme funded by the
European Social Fund and coordinated by the Ministry of Labour which aimed to
design and offer specialized ICT training courses to low skilled adults / NEET
in order to upgrade their digital competences to be able to meet the needs of
the labour market. The Centre is currently engaged in the design of the
accreditation process of the digital skills of employees of private companies
and organisations (i.e. British Council), based on the EQF and the ECVET

Centre” as an Educational Institution

  • Offers high quality courses for adults
  • Professionals and young people interested in
    obtaining professional qualification
  • Professionals and young people interested in attaining vocational training for employment

The main
spectrum of the work focuses on young people (10-18 yrs old) and their
acquisition of digital skills (i.e. the professional qualification of the ECDL,
approved, validated and accredited worldwide, as a valid certificate of ICT
(EQF – Levels 3-5). Young people can also attend courses organised for
acquiring the GCE A’ Level Computing of the Cambridge University.


“Emphasys Centre” Services

  • Career guidance for young people and youth (NEETs)
  • Counseling and mentoring to all learners aiming at enhancing their learning capability according to their needs (Early School Leavers, Young unemployed people)
  • support students with learning difficulties and developmental problems (detect their special needs and provide individual help)

“Emphasys Centre” – Research 

The  Research Centre is actively involved in the
Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility for Learners (Youth/ Teachers) by
offering a wide selection of courses for personal and professional development
in the area of ICT  (Technology Tools,
Social Media and Webpage Design), as well as other courses in Health Education
(Conflict Resolution, Intervention Analysis etc). It supports informal youth
groups to prepare and participate in Youth Exchanges and T.C.

cooperates closely with several organisations for the preparation,
implementation and management of various EU projects in the field of education,
training and youth. Its great links with established organisations in Europe
and the network of partners and associations, will support the dissemination,
exploitation and sustainability of the project’s products and results.

experience gained for the implementation of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project titled
“NONFORLESL” (Non-Formal Learning can Prevent Early School Leaving)
was the basis for the development of a project which aims to support Youth
Workers as the main providers of non-formal learning. Supporting and upgrading
Youth Workers digital skills will contributes towards upgrading the services

Contact Information

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