Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Cyprus Computer Society

The Cyprus
Computer Society (CCS) is the ICT (Information and
Communication Technology) professional association of Cyprus. It is a
not-for-profit private association which represents the ICT professionals in

in 1984 and government by a 7-member Board elected every two years, the CCS has
more than 1500 members and has been active in the areas of professional
training, ICT skills certification, research and development, European projects
and collaborations.

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Emphasys Centre

«Emphasys Centre» began operating in 1998, as a related company to «A & A
Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd», a successful
company specialising in consultancy, software and support services in the field
of ICT.  

Since then, the “Empahsys
Centre” has continued to operate as an ICT Software Centre, but is has also
developed into a successful ICT Educational and Vocational Centre and a
European Research Centre, that cooperates closely with various organisations in
Europe for the implementation of EU projects

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