Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

After the development of the platform and the upload and incorporation of not only the Digital Skills Audit Tool, but also the six digital competences learning material, Intellectual Output 5 focuses on the presentation and pilot testing of the platform to various VET schools and institutions.

In each of the consortium countries various sessions will be held such as INFODAYs, pilot-testing days, INFODESK points etc., both in training centers as well as in VET schools. During the sessions, VET Teachers and Trainers will be introduced to the project and platform and will be given the opportunity to utilise the platform and its functionalities through first-hand experience. Support and guidance will be provided by the Mentors, such as face to face training, school-based training etc.

Following are the reports generated, documenting the findings of the pilot testing.

Overall Report

Summary Report – Romanian

Summary Report – Spanish

Summary Report – English

Summary Report – Greek

Summary Report – German






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