Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

With the development of the platform, the consortium proceeded with the presentation and pilot testing of the platform to various schools and institutions.

In each of the consortium countries various pilot testing sessions were held, both in training centers as well as in schools.


A Skype meeting was held, informing VET teachers and trainers of how the platform works and then each user proceeded to complete a series of courses using the platforms evaluation tests as well as teaching material.


An Info Day was first organized in order  to introduce various VET teachers and trainers to the purpose of the project as well as the platform functionalities.


The project was presented to interested teachers and trainers. Teachers proceeded to complete various modules and then published their results to the consortium. Also, teachers willing to involve themselves more with the project were used as Case Study subjects and provided feedback on the platform on a much deeper level.


2nd EPAL organized a series of training sessions,








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