Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The V-UPGRATeS Platform is an Open Educational Resources platform which includes various functionalities for the target group of VET Trainers and Teachers. The V-UPGRATeS platform can be found in the following URL

The dynamic platform entails the Digital Skills Audit Tool and the E-learning platform, as well as a specific section for used for the presentation of other learning opportunities. The platform provides the opportunity to the VET trainers to initially assess their digital skills, access targeted learning material for self-monitoring and self-directed learning supported by the partners through various activities (e.g. F2F trainings) and finally re-assess their progress.

In order for the VET trainers to accurately validate and enhance their skills, the platform evaluates them with two different tests.

There is an Initial non-repeatable quiz aiming to evaluate the VET trainers’ knowledge and skills on a specific subject and then inform them on the areas on which they need to improve. It is at that point where the system suggests which of the material created by the consortium should be studied for better results.

During this Intellectual Output the teaching and learning material provided on-line will be developed based on the digital competence framework designed in IO2. In order to ensure consistency and conformity each partner will design the framework, syllabus, teaching/learning material and assessment tool of one digital competence.

Finally the VET trainers can repeat a post e-learning evaluation as many times as they wish in order to observe their improvements or gaps to their knowledge.

With the completion of each evaluation, a Certificate report is generated by the platform, containing the users scores before and after the e-learning process as well as a quick explanation of each digital competence provided by the platform.






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