Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

With the development of the Framework and Syllabus, each one the partners continued with the development of assessment tools for each of their assigned modules.

The assessment has been broken down into two separate phases:

Initial evaluation

This assessment the user can take a multiple choice test, in order to receive a report from the platform on their current level of knowledge. The report is broken down into the different sections of the module that the user was examined on.

The report then, based on the users results, suggests specific areas of study, so that the teacher can fill their knowledge and skill gap, using the developed teaching material.

Final Evaluation

With the completion of the initial assessment and the generation of the report. The use can then proceed to complete the final assessment. The evaluation process is consisted of a series of scenario, where the user is called to use their skill and knowledge acquired from the study of the material and answer correctly in each case.





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