Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Based on the development the Digital Competence Framework and Syllabus of the six competences identified above, during the Intellectual Output 3 the on-line Digital Skills Audit was designed.

The Digital Skills Audit e-tool developed for this phase of the project will be integrated in the V-UPGRATeS Platform, which is developed during the Intellectual Output 4.

The methodology of the Digital Audit Skills Tool has been broken down into two separate phases. In each phase a different set of assessment scenarios and questions were used in order for the user to be accurately evaluated:

Phase 1: Initial Evaluation

During the Initial Evaluation (Digital Skills Screening) VET Trainers and Teachers will be asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions based on the digital competences framework and syllabi developed in IO2. After the Skills Audit, teachers will be given the opportunity to reflect on their current digital competence acquisition in order to proceed to the e-learning stage for intervention and improvement.

Phase 2: Final Evaluation

Based on the requirements of the project, after the initial evaluation VET Trainers and Teachers will be guided into following Professional Development Courses or in-service targeted training in order to improve, upgrade or upskills their digital competences. The e-platform developed in Intellectual Output 4 will provide such opportunities

The Final Evaluation will take place after the completion of the Initial Evaluation and the e-learning process from improvement. The evaluation process differs to the first one, as during this evaluation, the user will be asked to go through a series of scenario, where the knowledge and skills acquired from the e-learning material will be put to test in order to successfully complete the assessment. At the end VET trainers’ digital skills will be assessed and validated through the Certificate to be issued.

The exact Digital Skills Audit Tool which comprises of a set of questions (Phase 1-Initial Evaluation) and scenarios (Level 2-Final Evaluation) for each of the above 6 digital competences are incorporated in the platform developed in IO4 and can be seen through the assessment process. In order to safeguard the validity of the e-tool the content of the questions and scenarios cannot be presented here.




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