Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The V-UPGRATeS consortium, responding to the priorities set by the EU 2020 Strategy and the Digital Agenda aims to develop a dynamic and multi-assessed Open Educational Resource (OER) platform were VET Trainers and Secondary School Teachers will have the opportunity to assess their current digital skills, follow in-house, school-based and/or on-line ICT training based on the targeted digital framework and syllabi developed here in order to upgrade their digital skills.
This document is the result of Intellectual Output 2 of the V-UPGRATeS Project. The partner countries conducted in Intellectual Output 1 a research that was both empirical, with a detailed questionnaire; as well as expert interviews in the resp. countries. The analysis of the questionnaires revealed the fact that the ICT needs of VET Trainers and Secondary Teachers in all partner countries are similar.
From the 149 VET Trainers and Teachers (VET TTs) involved in the empirical survey the following six Digital skills appeared to be the most needed:

1. Internet Security
2. Website Editing
3. Hardware Devices: Interactive Whiteboard
4. Teaching environments: using Moodle as an example
5. Media Editing
6. Communication platform: using Skype as an example

Output 2 – Digital Competence For VET Trainers and Teachers 







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