Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The project proposes to introduce a transparent, multi-regulated, multi-assessed but self-directed process, based a platform to be developed, for VET Trainers and Teachers in order to individually upgrade their digital skills to meet the needs of the current trends.

The V-UPGRATeS project is based on the principles of a research cycle project and is planned to be completed in 30 months. During the time life of the project 6 main Intellectual Outputs will be developed as shown below:

Output 1
Benchmark Survey On The Needs Of Labour Market In The Digital Field, The Provision & Validation Of CPD For VET Trainers In ICT, Efforts To Promote The Opening Of Education And Collection Of e-Tools – Set Up Of Advisory Group (Experts/Stakeholders)

Output 2
Design Benchmarks And Indicators For The Vet Trainers’ And Teachers’ Digital Competence Reference Framework –TEDIGCOREF

Output 3
Design The Vet Trainers And Teachers’ Digital Skills Audit e-Tool To Accompany The Digital Competence Reference Framework (TEDIGCOREF) –
(On-Line And On-Paper For Self-Assessment And Professional-Assessment) 

Output 4
Design Of The “V-Upgrates Digital Vet Trainers’ And Teachers’ Platform”- Moocs, Online Courses, Webinars, Databank, ICT Tools For Educators, Validation Options

Output 5
Digital Profiles’ Portofolio And Evaluation Report Of The Comprehensive V-Upgrates Training And Validation Programme  For Vet Trainers And Teachers

Output 6
Design Of Blue Print Strategy Kit For Implementation And Exploitation Of The V-Upgrates Project And Setting Up Of The Digital Vet Trainers’ And Teachers’ Forum-Network-Declaration For Digital Skills