Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The project proposes to introduce a transparent, multi-regulated, multi-assessed but
self-directed process, based a platform to be developed, for teachers
in order to individually upgrade their digital skills to meet the needs of the
current trends.

The V-UPGRATeS project is based on the principles of a research cycle project and
is panned to be completed in 30 months. The project supports highly the
openness and accessibility of resources and promotes the PAPERLESS idea. 

During the time life of the project 6 main Intellectual Outputs will be developed:

Output 1 – Survey

A BENCHMARK SURVEY on the digital needs of the labour market , the training opportunities and the e-tools for teaching and learning will be collected.


Output 2 

The TRAINERS’ AND TEACHERS’ DIGITAL COMPETENCE REFERENCE FRAMEWORK (TEDICOREF) will be designed which will identify the essential digital skills teachers require to improve teaching and learning and raise the quality of education and raise learning outcomes.


Output 3

The ICT-SKILLS-AUDIT will be designed for teachers’ digital competences assessment and design of their DIGITAL PROFESSIONAL PLAN.


Output 4


  1. Manage and administer the comprehensive program designed for upgrading teachers ICT skills, 
  2. Record teachers profiles and skills, 
  3. Analyse teachers’ current level of skills and generate data to support the development of teachers DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN to acquire the necessary e-skills 
  4. Collect and present various e-tools to support teaching and learning.



Output 5

An e-LEARNING opportunities (asynchronous or synchronous) for each participant to design his DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN and validate at a later stage his skills.



Output 6

The BLUE PRINT STRATEGY TOOL KIT for implementation and exploitation.