Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

Germany Dissemination Events/Activities

    1.The V-UPGRATeS Project in the magazine Focus Europe

An article written by M.Jens can be found on p.12 of the Focus Europe magazine

Focus_Europe_2017_Learning Mobility_Feb2017

    2. Dissemination during an ERASMUS+ teacher training course

In Budapest 20 teachers from 5 countries gathered (23. – 30. April 2017) in order to take part in an Erasmus+ KA1 teacher further training, topic: prevention of early school leaving. The colleagues came from Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Hungary and Romania. M. Jens presented the v-UPGRATES project at the seminar venue DokuArt on April 28th. Some of the teachers and headmasters uttered their interest to become part of the v-UPGRATES network.

    3. Article about V-UPGRATeS kick off meeting in the newsletter of the Institute of Civic Education (IDD), Leibniz University


    4. Article about V-UPGRATeS in the annual report 2015/16 of the Institute for Civic Education (IDD)

IDD annual report 2015_16

    5. Multiplier Events

The Institute for Civic Education (Leibniz University Hannover) organised three multiplier events in spring 2018. The target groups were
a) VET teachers, trainers and headteachers in Lower Saxony
b) VET teachers, trainers and headteachers in Hannover and
c) decions makers for continous professional development of teachers
In total 58 persons were reached. The following file provides further information (in German language).

Overview Multiplier Events LUH_2


    6. Other Dissemination Activities

Introduction of v-UPGRATES by Dr. Inken Heldt, Christoph Wolf and Jessica Burmester during the seminar: “Multiplying Civic Competences”, DAAD Workshop, University Kiew/Ukraine, 17.-21. October 2017.

v-UPGRATES on Deutscher Bildungsserver. An important educational platform for German teachers:

     7. Dissemination on Websites

The V-UPGRATeS project was successfully promoted through the following websites:

v-UPGRATES on Deutscher Bildungsserver. An important educational platform for German teachers: