Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The fist partner meeting took place at the University of Hannover (Germany), February 2016. The weather was rainy and cold but the partners soon got familiar with each other, and many said in the feedback round that they were stoked about the warm and effective work atmosphere.

The participants dealt with the development of the questionnaires for teachers and educational authorities. Moreover they were informed about the regulations of financial documentation and they created a dissemination plan. The meeting ended with an excellent visit to the “Museum of History”.


Piraeus in Greece was the next place to meet for the project team (October 2016). The agenda was packed and vivid discussions took place, e.g. about the levels of difficulty, automatically issued test results and on the scope of v-UPGRATeS online learning courses. A highlight was that the Greek partner, 1st EPAL vocational school, invited teachers who gave feedback to the questions for the e-tool. The partners fixed deadlines for the revision of questions, for the next things to do and they presented their dissemination results.



During the traditional celebration “Fallas”[1] the third meeting was held in Valencia (March 2017). These experiences certainly will be treasured by all participants. However: The partners again worked very effectively during two full days. Topics were the status quo of the interactive platform, the test of the e-tool (incl. comprehensive feedback round in small groups) and the presentation of the first modules, which are part of the online courses.

[1]   The Fallas belong to the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list of humanity.



For our 4th meeting the partners met in Sunny Nicosia (September 2017). During the meeting, the whole team worked together in order to refine the platform created for the purpose of the project and add the final touches to the material aimed for the teaching of digital competences and skills.


The final project meeting took place in Hanover Germany (January 2018). With the project coming to a close, the team discussed the results of the projects pilot testing as well as the future steps for the exploitation and sustainability through the utilization of the projects outcomes.

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