Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills


It is widely acknowledged that educators across all sectors but most importantly VET trainers and teachers (TTs) face many challenges as they deal with increasingly complex and diverse learning situations.  

One challenge among others is the constant involvement of new technologies. Overtly or covertly teachers are requested to use new technologies in class. Moreover the apprenticeships for many professions, like e.g. mechanics engineer, comprise more digital and electronic elements than in the past.

As a result, there is an urgent need for teachers and trainers to enhance and improve their knowledge and their skills in the field of ICT. Thus their tuition can become more interesting for pupils, because teachers will be enabled to use e.g. interactive media and learning environments like moodle. Moreover the aim is to achieve a better skills match for their students and bridging the gap between the education and the world of work. Providing attractive and effective high-tech possibilities for training helps VET trainers and teachers to address skills deficits and update their competences.

Project aims

  • Strengthen the digital competences of VET trainers and teachers
  • Increase their capacity and professional development thus achieving a systemic impact on the quality of teaching and students’ learning outcomes
  • Remove the greatest barriers of engaging in continuous professional development that refer to conflicts with trainers’ and teachers’ work schedule, lack of incentives and the costs involved
  • Comply with the current budgetary conditions in utilising all opportunities provided by the opening up of education

Project Target Groups

VET trainers and teachers to upgrade their digital competences in order to meet the needs of the labour market, support their teaching for better career guidance for their students and better skills match.


The v-UPGRATeS project aims to introduce a comprehensive program for the improvement of VET trainers and teachers’ digital skills through an ICT assessment. An assessment tool has been created, so teachers can test their skills in a two-folded process. The tool was developed by the project consortium which consists of experts from five countries (Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Greece and Germany) on the basis of a digital competence framework. With the test results teachers can design their digital professional plan. This includes the enrolment in several online courses, which were developed by the v-UPGRATeS team. Thus teachers can upgrade their digital skills in an autonomous process. The skills then will be validated as teachers can get a certificate.