Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers' and Teachers' Digital Skills

The current scene of the economic crisis, youth unemployment, and skills mismatches has placed formal education and training in the spotlight for offering effective solutions to the challenges faced by Member States (MS). 

According to the TALIS (Teaching and Learning International Survey, OCED) there is a tremendous need for teachers to improve their knowledge and their skills in the field of ICT. The e-tool, developed by the v-UPGRATeS team is one step closer in this direction. Read more

  • Strengthen the digital competences of VET trainers and teachers. 
  • Increase their capacity and professional development thus achieving a systemic impact on the quality of teaching

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Εάν ης φιλομαθής, έσει και πολυμαθής – Ισοκράτης, 436-338 π.Χ., Αθηναίος ρήτορας

Ιf you are studious, you are and polymath -Isocrates, 436-338 BC Athenian orator